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Over the last decades, the number of scientists with Kurdish origin has consistently grown and distributed all over the world. This fact bespeaks the need to create an environment, where Kurdish Scientists can, with a vision of their own futures, establish a platform in which they freely collaborate and share their experiences and expertise.

The Kurdish Scientists Community (KSC) consists of scientists working in different fields of science from various geographical locations. The KSC is a dynamic and lively community where ideas are spread, questions are answered, and interdisciplinary collaborations are established. 


We would like to support and consultant the young generation students to be responsible scientists, professionals, and better leaders for the future of our society. This will result in a brighter future.


KSC aims to bring the taste and benefit of knowledge and scientific progress to society. We share a passion to enhance science and a desire to make reliable knowledge accessible to all.


These are not easy missions, but we will be able to reach them together.

Image by Marvin Meyer
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